What is Makeroni?

Makeroni is in its second phase. If you want to participate in realtime you’ll find us all over on Discord on the Makeroni server. There we’ll have Discord’s fine community interaction tools available to us.

Our social media presence is on Twitter for now as @Makeronicc.

We’re having online with a virtual meeting on the first Sunday of every month.

We also have physical meetings (in Wimbledon) on the third Sunday of every month. You’ll want to be signed up on Makeroni Discord to be kept up-to-date and to show your interest in attending an event.

And finally the website, Makeroni.cc, where you are right now, will be the base for a community contributed blog, and the launchpad for our longer term plans.

What will Makeroni be?

The long term plan is that we’re going to build out the website to enable users to sign up as Makeroni members, complete with a location. As conditions change, the site will enable groups of local makers (or visiting makers) to meetup and compare notes, hack devices and the like in a safe environment. So, that’s the plan and if you want to join in making it real, welcome aboard!